When it comes to caring for your cherished Morris Minor, we can help. Morris Minor Workshop has years of experience in maintaining, servicing, repairing, modifying and even rebuilding all types of Minors, be they 2 door, 4 door, Travellers, Convertibles, Vans and Pick-Ups .

Typical works undertaken include:

Rear axle and suspension
  • Maintenance
    • Rear springs replaced
    • Reconditioned of rear axle casings and fitting (Cut off axle mounting brackets, repair axle casing and fit new mounting brackets)
    • Polyurethane rear spring bushes fitted
    • Differential replacements when available
  • Modifications
    • Fitting of hardened half shafts or competition half shafts
  • Maintenance
    • Fitting of reconditioned gearboxes
    • Fitting of new clutch and clutch linkage
  • Modifications
    • Fitting of the Ford Type 9, Five Speed gearbox
    • Fitting of hydraulic clutch 
    • Fitting of Concentric clutch slave cylinder generally for 5 speed and 1275cc engine conversion.
Service/Engine Work/MOT
  • Maintenance
    • 3000,6000,12,000 or 24,000 mile services as per service sheets
    • MOT checks and taken to the local MOT station.
    • Assessments and reports
  • Modifications
    • Electronic ignition kits fitted
    • Duplex timing chain kits fitted for the quieter engine (single chain from original
    • Large bore exhaust systems and 1 ¾ SU carburettors (used with 1275cc engines)
  • Maintenance
    • Brake overhaul brake cylinder replacement, master cylinder replacements, handbrake cables brake shoes and brake drums as necessary
  • Modifications
    • Silicone brake fluid used at customer request
    • Disc brakes fitted
    • Servo brakes fitted (in conjunction with discs or drums if requested)
    • Brake fluid Remote reservoir top up kits fitted
  • Maintenance
    • Replacement of trunnions and king-pins as required
    • Fitting of reconditioned shock absorbers
    • Polyurethane eye bolt, top trunnion and tie bar bushes
    • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Modifications
    • Telescopic front and rear shock absorbers
    • Anti roll bar kits
    • Anti tramp bar kits
Tyres & steering
  • Fitting of tyres 145,155,165
  • Wheel alignment checks
  • Steering racks replaced
  • Fitting of wiring looms
  • Fitting of halogen headlight conversions
  • Fitting of front and rear heated windscreens
  • Fitting of alternator conversions
  • Electric windscreen washers

Morris Minor Workshop
Battenhurst Farm
Battenhurst Road
East Sussex

Tel/Fax : 01580 200062


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