The Morris Minor was produced between 1948 and 1971, with over 1.3 million being built, made up of the 2-door saloon, 4-door saloon, 2-door convertible, 2-door estate (Traveller) , 2-door pickup truck and 2-door van, and now represent one of the most popular vehicles with classic car enthusiasts.

Morris Minor Workshop is committed to helping keep your car on the road, and our bodyshop can provide everything from an accident repair service to a complete restoration.

Typical works include:

  • Replacement of wings, front panels, door skins (two door only), and restoration of four door Morris Minor doors
  • Replacement/restoration of boot lids, bumpers, roofs and bonnets
  • Welding work to the upper body before paintwork can be carried out
    • Inner front wings are prone to corrosion and more often than not when a wing is removed the inner wing will require some degree of repairs/replacement prior to a new wing being fitted.
    • When a rear wing is removed sometimes the inner wing flange panel requires replacing or repairing prior to fitting a new wing.  Depending on the extent of the repair this can lead to repainting the rear quarter panels.
  • Roof gutters and door shuts
    • Due to the age of Morris Minors, the gutter sealer dries out and cracks which allows water to get between the three layers of metal which make up the roof gutters.  The build up of corrosion between the metal causes the gutter areas to swell. 
    • The only way to rectify this is to remove the gutter panels and inner top sections of door shut.  Replace the section of door shut metal and fit new gutter panels.  Before the new panels are sandwiched together a coat of weld through Zinc primer is applied to all surfaces and during the paint process the gutter areas seams are sealed to prevent ingression of water.  Lastly on completion of paintwork, a thin wax oil is injected inside the gutter areas.
  • Doors and boot lids
    • More often than not, if a door is repairable the under frame panels will be the most corroded area.
    • When dealing with most door repairs we would cut off the under door panel.  This gives access to the inner side of the outer door skin which is usually corroded.  We would then clean up this area, cut out and repair the affected areas on the outer skin and then treat the inside of the outer skin prior to fitting a new under frame panel.  The outside of the door skin is the prepared and if necessary leaded over any repairs.
    • In extreme cases with four door Morris Minor doors, in the absence of full door skins we would replace the inner and outer lower sections of the door and lead over welded seams.
    • With two door or Traveller doors, door skins are fitted in conjunction with under frame panels.
  • Structural underside welding work
    • Replacement of inner and outer sills, boxing panels, cross-members, chassis legs, front spring hangers, floor pans and rear spring hangers are just a few of the jobs undertaken by our skilled team.
While any general garage will patch up your Morris Minor, Morris Minor Workshop will, whenever possible, ensure that work is only commenced for the long term rather than a short term.
Where possible the complete panels will be cut out and replaced, new panels treated with zinc primer and then a quality rubberised coating.
Where possible inner box sections are treated with the same rubberised coating and painted to match the car colour. This is then injected with cavity wax which is carried out via a high pressure long lance which atomises the cavity wax to give an even wax coat over all possible surfaces including the surfaces that cannot be seen (inside box sections.)  The cavity wax used is thin therefore runs into seams where possible.

At our workshop the structural replacement of panels is only the start of the repairs to your Morris.  The treatment process is equally as important as this is what will prolong the life of your new panel.

With this in mind, Morris Minor Workshop is confident to give a five year guarantee on all structural panel replacements.

Morris Minor Workshop
Battenhurst Farm
Battenhurst Road
East Sussex

Tel/Fax : 01580 200062


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